How Much to Budget for 2 Weeks of Flashpacking in Thailand (High Season)

How Much to Budget for 2 Weeks of Flashpacking in Thailand (Main Season)

Thailand is a dream destination for many travelers. It is considered to be a safe travel destination, it has beautiful landscapes, an interesting culture and above all it is very cheap. Depending on the season and your own demands, the costs for an itinerary may vary considerably. To give you an idea how much to budget for 2 weeks of flashpacking in Thailand during high season (around Christmas and New Year´s Eve), I listed all our expenses.

How much to Budget for 2 Weeks Flashpacking in Thailand (High Season)


Some of you may never heard of the word flashpacking before. This is why I start with a short explanation of it. The word flashpacking is derived from the words "flash" (like snobbish) and "backpacking". So the expression flashpacking is used for travelers who travel through a country individually with a backpack but with a certain degree of comfort. Which means they prefer a single or double room in a middle class hotel instead of a dorm in a hostel, for longer distances they take an airplane and not a bus, additionally to street food markets they like to eat in nice restaurants, an expensive cocktail in a skybar is sometimes a great alternative to a cheap bear in a pub and so on. Furthermore, in contrast to backpackers most flashpacker have more budget and plan more in advance because most of them only have their annual leave for travelling and therefore less time.

Hotel Costs Thailand

Expenses for an accommodation as well as for food and drinks may vary the most. For example there are hostels in Thailand where you can rent a bed in a dorm for 6€ per night, also in high season. In contrast, for a suite in a 5 star hotel you have to spend hundreds of Euros. The most expensive room I found in Bangkok on the well-known hotel booking sites was about 2500€ per night. I am glad that in Thailand there is an option for every budget. Like flashpackers do, we always booked a double room with bathroom in a middle class hotel in the city center. In Bangkok we paid 35€ per night and room, in Chiang Mai 30€ and in the South of Thailand approx. 54€. Our hotels in Bangkok (Cacha Hotel), Krabi (Ao Nang Miti Resort) and Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort) were great. Especially the Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort is very recommendable due to its private beach which can only be reached by longtail boot. The hotel in Chiang Mai and Koh Lanta were okay, but I think there are better alternatives for the same budget.

Costs middle class hotels in the city center / double room with bathroom: 

  • 2 nights Bangkok 70€ 
  • 4 nights Chiang Mai 120€
  • 3 nights Krabi 170€
  • 2 nights Koh Phi Phi 125€
  • 2 nights Koh Lanta 80€
  • 1 night Bangkok 35€

--> Costs per person 300€

Budget 2 weeks Thailand hotels

Flight Fares Thailand

Flight fares Thailand

Fares for flights from Germany to Thailand are quite stable. If you don´t need a direct flight and if you don´t care about the travelling times you can book a flight at the end of December / beginning of January for approx. 500€. I would always prefer a direct flight. Planning early you will get a flight for approx. 650€ (e.g. FRA - BKK and back). Of course you don´t have to book any domestic flights because it is possible travelling by train or bus but 2 weeks are pretty short and fares for domestic flights quite low (approx. 70€). Thus, I would prefer to save time and take some domestic flights.

  • Flights FRA - BKK and back 650€
  • Flight from Bangkok to Sukhothai 70€
  • Flight from Chiang Mai to Krabi 100€
  • Flight from Krabi to Bangkok 40€

--> 860€ per person

Other Costs of Transfer

I don´t want to bore you with every single fare of all rides. Therefore, I give you just the total cost of all other transfers. In total we paid approx. 70€ per person for all other transfers (taxis from and to the airport, bus from Sukhothai to Chiang Mai, ferries to the different islands and taxis / tuk tuks within the cities). Let me also tell you that we loved to take taxis :) But don´t take a taxi in front of the world famous tourist attractions. It is very expensive. 

Just some examples: 

  • Taxi from Bangkok airport to the city center approx. 10€
  • Bus from Sukhothai bus station to Chiang Mai approx. 8€
  • Ferries from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi and from Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta both approx. 8€

--> 70€ per person

Budget 2 weeks Thailand Transfers

Fees Tourist Attractions Thailand

When visiting Bangkok and Sukhothai you should not miss the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun (Bangkok) and the historical park (Sukhothai). In Chiang Mai one of my highlights was Wat Phra That Doi Suthep but the Chiang Mai Night Safari is a tourist trap in my opinion and can be missed out. Furthermore, there are many temples in Chiang Mai which can be visited free of charge.


  • Grand Palace Bangkok 12€
  • Wat Pho 3€
  • Wat Arun 2€ 


  • Historical Park 10€ 

Chiang Mai 

  • Night Safari 12€ 
  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 1€ 

 --> 40€ per person

Fees tourist attractions Thailand

Day trip

We tried to explore everything on our own but I wanted to see more from the North of Thailand than Chiang Mai. Because there was not a lot time, we decided to book one single day trip. In total the tour was very nice. My highlight was the White Temple in Chiang Rai. The Golden Triangle was not very interesting in my opinion and visiting the long neck women was a little bit like visiting a zoo.

  • Day trip inclusive lunch, drinks, and all entrance fees: Pick up at the hotel -  hot springs - White Temple in Chiang Rai - lunch - Golden Triangle - Boot trip at Mekong river - Market in Laos - Long neck women 

--> 50€ per person

Costs day trip Chiang Mai Thailand

Food and Drinks

I don´t want to list every single water bottle we bought, therefore I just give you the total cost. In general food is very cheap in Thailand. Of course some special restaurants and bars can be expensive like the Vertigo Sky Bar in Bangkok, where you can spend easily 15€ for a cocktail or the restaurant Cabbage and Condoms. There you pay approx. 10€ for a main dish inclusive one drink which is already expensive in Thailand. We spend approx. 200 Euro (not even 15€ per day) in 2 weeks. It is definitly possible to spend less and of course it is always possible to spend more.


--> 200€ per person

--> Budget 2 weeks Thailand flashpacking during main season: approx. 1550€ per person 

More information about the itinerary can be found here: Two weeks in Thailand - the perfect itinerary

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  • #1

    Alyse (Sonntag, 25 Februar 2018 08:33)

    Wow this is such a detailed post! I love how you've broken down everything and included all costs. I've only been to Bangkok on business but I'd love to see more of Thailand and this guide would be very useful, saving for later. Thanks for sharing!

  • #2

    Maggie (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 15:58)

    I hadn’t heard of flashpacking before but it sounds much more appealing than backpacking! I do like having my own bathroom when I travel. A budget of 200 euro for 2 weeks seems very reasonable for food. Thailand seems very budget-friendly!

  • #3

    Heather (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 16:11)

    Flashpacking! I love it! Sounds like exactly the type of traveler I am, but I have never heard the term before. Your pictures of Thailand are gorgeous. And the White Temple just got added to my bucket list. Thanks for such a detailed article.

  • #4

    Lara Dunston (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 16:52)

    Wow, very impressive that you managed to spend so little in that time! I've lived in Thailand and travelled all over updating guidebooks, so I'm very curious how you managed to do a day trip to Chiang Rai. Strongly recommend returning one day and spending longer in that part of the country - we've driven all over in a hire car and it's so nice to have your own wheels.

  • #5

    Krystle (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 17:39)

    Flashpacking.. I like it! I had never heard of the term, but I definitely like it. We spent two weeks in Thailand a few years ago and LOVED IT! We loved how cheap the food was. Looks like you were able to do a lot of exploring during your visit, I still wish we would have made it to Chiang Mai.

  • #6

    Kristen (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 18:30)

    I have never heard of flashpacking but SOLD! This is right up my alley :) I have yet to visit Thailand, but a trip like this is always what I've dreamed of. Thanks for the detailed budget so I know what to expect :)

  • #7

    Sushmita Malakar (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 19:16)

    I had a similar 2 weeks backpacking trip to Thailand. And man! That was the best trip of my life so far :)

    Amazing post. Thanks :)

  • #8

    Heidi (Mittwoch, 07 März 2018 22:05)

    The White Temple is very close to the top of my list. It looks like something from a movie rather than a real-life building. And thanks for the explanation of flashbacking! I was like "is that a spur of the moment backpacking trip?" LOL. Flashpacking sounds more like my type of travel! Thailand looks so amazing!

  • #9

    Ruth (Donnerstag, 08 März 2018 03:10)

    I have spent two weeks in Thailand and paid about the same price you paid (maybe a bit less). It is a great deal if you take into considerations all the great things you can see and do and the delicious food you can eat. I didn't visit the islands. They are on my plans for the next time!

  • #10

    Teja (Donnerstag, 08 März 2018 10:23)

    Huh! I always thought flashpacking was a quick backpacking trip out and back! Like, long weekend backpacking out and back sort of thing. And that the 'backpacking with comfort' one was 'glampacking'! I need to get updated on the lingo!