15 Must Do´s in Buenos Aires

What to see and do in Buenos Aires

Argentina is famous for football, steak and Tango. Therefore, don´t miss the La Boca area, where the world famous football player Maradonna celebrated his biggest success, eat a real Argentinian steak and learn how to dance tango. But there is a lot more well worth seeing in Argentina´s capital Buenos Aires.

What to see and do in Buenos Aires

1. Visit the Famous Harbour Area "La Boca"

Here where the tango was born and Diego Maradonna celebrated his biggest success, the colorful pedestrian zone „El Caminito“ is located. Almost all tin houses are colorful painted and decorated and there are many extraordinary statues on this street between the restaurants, cafés and shops. E.g. there is one statue of Maradonna, because the home stadium of the world famous football player „La Bombonera“ is only 3 blocks away. Don´t leave the tourist paths because La Boca is still one of the most dangerous areas of the city.

2. Go to the Cemetery in Recoleta

The cemetery in Recoleta is not a normal cemetery. There are 7000 impressive mausoleums and countless statues. Not the most spectacular tomb but maybe the most visited one of the first public cemetery of the city is the one from Eva Perón (Evita), the former first lady of Argentina. 

3. Go to the Library El Ateno

El Ateno at Avenida Santa Fé is one of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen. Most elements of the former theatre / cinema are still preserved, but the stage was transformed into a café and instead of seats there are countless bookshelves.

4. Have a Coffee and some Cake

Sometimes there is a queue in front of the most famous coffeehouse of the city "Cafe Tortoni", but it´s worth waiting. In the historical ambiance one feels carried back to long past times and the coffee and the cakes are very delicious. Famous people like Albert Einstein, Hillary Clinton or the Spanish King Juan Carlos also visited the famous cafe. 

5. Learn How to Dance Tango

Go to a Milonga which is a Tango dance nights. At the beginning of the night a tango teacher will show you how to dance tango. It is not as hard as you may think! Here you can find some places and dates for Milongas.

6. Eat an Argentine Steak

Argentina is famous for football, tango and of course steak. Therefore, don´t miss the change to eat a real Argentine steak in Argentina. 

7. Drink a Tea

Mate Tea is the national drink of Argentina. There are special Mate cups. Pour hot but not boiling water over the dried Mate leaves and drink the tea out of the special cup with a „Bombilla“ (special straw). I think the Mate cups are a nice souvenir to take home.

8. Cross One of the Widest Streets Worldwide

Avenida 9 de Julio has a width of 140 meters and 14 lanes. Therefore it is one of the widest streets in the world. Moreover many interesting spots are located here; e.g. the Obelisk (a 67 meters high monument), the Teatro Colón (the most famous theatre of the city) and a statue of Don Quijote. 

What to see and do in Buenos Aires - Avenida 9 de Julio

9. Visit Plaza de Mayo and Plaza del Congreso

Plaza de Mayo is the heart of the Argentinean capital. The Cathedral of Buenos Aires, Casa Rosada (the Argentinean Presidential palace) and the town hall are located here. It gained worldwide recognition due to the "Madres de Plaza de Mayo". Every week they protested here against the mysterious disappearance of their children. Also today there are a lot of demonstrations. Other nice places are: Plaza del Congreso where the Argentinean Palace of Congress is located.

10. Go Shopping on the Flea Market in San Telmo

Every Sunday at Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo there is a huge flea market. You can shop here or just enjoy the great atmosphere. There are many amazing street artists and tango dancers of all ages showing their skills.

11. Relax in the Japanese Garden

In the Japanese Garden – a beautiful public park – are many (as the name indicates) Japanese elements. For example, gaze at the koi carp in the big pond, the bonsai trees, the peace bell, Japanese sculptures, the Buddhist temples and a lot more. A real relaxing area in the middle of the hectic city.

12. Discover Palermo

During the day you can stroll for hours through the beautiful alleys of Palermo and admire the nice houses and trees. It is also great to go on a little shopping tour there and discover the small boutiques. At night many bars, clubs or pubs will open their doors where you can party all night long.

13. Experience a Percussion Show

Every Monday night at Konex there is a unique percussion show. The 16 musicians from „La bomba de tiempo“ play their drums for 2 hours while the crowd goes crazy and dances the night away. Everything is improvised and thus every show a unique experience. You should NOT miss this!

14. Make a Boat Trip in Tigre

One hour by train away from Buenos Aires is the beautiful town Tigre. It reminded me a little by of Venice. From the train station in Tigre you can walk to the boat berths in a few minutes. During the trip you will see numerous plants a many beautiful villas on wooden pillars like the summer residence of general Sarmiento, who was president of Argentina from 1868 to 1874. As a protective measure the whole house is covered with Plexiglas.

15. Leave the Country

In approx. 2 hours you can go by ferry from Buenos Aires to Montevideo (Urugay). 

Hostel recommendation: We stayed at the hostel Portal del Sur. Located in the city center it captivated us with a nice roof top terrace where delicious breakfast was served.

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    Becci Abroad (Samstag, 10 März 2018 23:04)

    I think you covered all the main spots and activities in Buenos Aires very well! Let me recommend "Los Amigos de Juan" for a great asado! Simply some of the best meat I have ever tried - and I'm picky ;)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Buenos Aires - I hope you enjoyed the city :)