The most beautiful churches in Porto (photo gallery)

The most beautiful churches in Porto

In no other city I saw as many beautiful churches as in Porto. One reason that many churches look so beautiful are the so called azulejos - colorful glazed ceramic tiles - which decorate many facades. In this blog post you will find my personal top 10 churches in Porto:

The most beautiful churches in Porto

Igreja do Carmo

Actually you see two churches here, Igreja do Carmo and Igreja das Carmeli, which were built directly next to each other. The right church Igreja do Carmo is in my opinion way more beautiful because of the blue azulejos on the right outer wall.

Igreja dos Clérigos

Not far from Igreja do Carmo is Igreja dos Clérigos. The tower of the beautiful church is 76 meters high and therefore the highest viewpoint in Porto. For 4€ you can climb the 225 steps. The viewing platform offers the best 360° view over the city. Because there is just one narrow staircase, it can be quite crowded. The viewing platform offers not very much space as well. Therefore visitors must not suffer from claustrophobia.

Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados

Igreja de Santo António dos Congregados is close to the beautiful train station São Bento. It was built in the 17th century. In contrast to the most churches the facade of this church is not only blue-white but also a bit yellow.

Sé Catedral do Porto

The cathedral Sé Catedral do Porto is the main church in Porto and one of the landmarks of the city. The great cathedral, which was built on the hill Pena Ventos, dominates decisively the cityscape of Porto. Since 1996 this building, which looks more like a castle than a church, is part of the UNESCO world heritage.

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso is located at the south side of the pedestrian zone Rua da Santa Catarina. It was built between 1709 and 1739. Also the facade of this church is decorated with beautiful azulejos. 

Igreja de Santo Ildefonso in Porto
Igreja de Santo Ildefonso
Capela das Almas in Porto
Capela das Almas

Capela das Almas

Capela das Almas (chapel of souls) is located at the north side of the pedestrian zone Rua da Santa Catarina. Colorful glazed ceramic tiles in blue and white decorate the entire outer walls. The building from the 18th century is dedicated to Saint Catarina. This is why the ceramic tiles show amongst others scenes from her life.

Igreja de São Francisco

Igreja de São Francisco is located within the old town of Porto, which is part of the UNESCO world heritage. The church was built in Gothic style (completion 1425) and then rebuilt in baroque style in the 17th and 18th century. Especially impressive: Inside the church approx. 400 kg gold leaf were implemented.

Igreja de São Francisco in Porto
Igreja de São Francisco
Igreja de São Nicolau in Porto
Igreja de São Nicolau

Igreja de São Nicolau

Opposite to Igreja de São Francisco is Igreja de São Nicolau. Therefore the church, which was built in the 18th century, also belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. When we were in Porto, unfortunately a huge scaffold stood in front of the beautiful church.

Igreja Paroquial de Nossa Senhora da Vitória

Igreja Paroquial de Nossa Senhora da Vitória was built between 1755 and 1769. It is located within the beautiful narrow streets of Porto. Only a few meters away is a view point, which offers a fantastic view over the city and at the cathedral Sé.

Igreja de São Pedro de Miragaia

Like many other churches in Porto Igreja de São Pedro de Miragaia has a beautiful blue facade. In former times the part of the city, in which this church is located, didn´t belong to Porto. It was an independent village called Miragaia. The church was dedicated to Saint Petrus, because he used to be a fishermen like many inhabitants of Miragaia. 

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  • #1

    Kavita Favelle | Kavey Eats (Samstag, 03 März 2018 16:25)

    Porto is incredible for churches isn't it, and the beautiful architecture, adorned with those gorgeous blue and white tiles, it's just spectacular!

  • #2

    Sabine (Samstag, 03 März 2018 17:37)

    Oh, die sind ja wirklich wundervoll - ich liebe die Kacheln!!! Porto habe ich leider noch nicht geschafft aber steht auf meiner Liste sehr weit oben.
    Liebe Grüße

  • #3

    Kristy (Samstag, 03 März 2018 18:21)

    Wow, so many gorgeous churches, I love the azulejos, they remind me of the Delfts blauw from the Netherlands!

  • #4

    Suzanne (PhilaTravelGirl) (Samstag, 03 März 2018 18:51)

    What lovely photos! i’ve not visited Porto and was unaware how beautiful the church exteriors could be. thanks for sharing your favorites

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    Christine (Samstag, 03 März 2018 18:53)

    Awesome post! I’m visiting Portugal in June and plan to take a day trip to Porto! I will definitely reference your post for my trip! Thanks!

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    Lynne Nieman (Samstag, 03 März 2018 19:55)

    Wow! Some of those churches with the tiles are just stunning. Great post with some gorgeous photos.

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    Hannah (Samstag, 03 März 2018 20:22)

    These churches are so pretty! I've only been to Lisbon but I would love to go to Porto!

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    Brigitte Minks (Samstag, 03 März 2018 20:43)

    Porto is high on my list and I will definitely check this article a few more times when I will go! Love the photos too!

  • #9

    Kate - Travel for Difference (Samstag, 03 März 2018 21:17)

    I’ve never been here, but you’ve certainly made me want to! Such beautiful architecture and photograpy of course ☺️

  • #10

    Nate (Samstag, 03 März 2018 21:47)

    Fantastic! I didn't know that Porto has so many gorgeous churches. The city view from Igreja dos Clérigos is amazing! I only made it to Lisbon and the Algarve coast. Next time in Portugal, I have to go to Porto for sure.

  • #11

    Bruna (Samstag, 03 März 2018 23:19)

    I love this architectural style of Porto! It's so simple but still gorgeous. The famous tiles just make the place even more special. I have often heard that Porto was beautiful, but I hadn't seen any photos of it. And I'm definitely not religious, but I enjoy visiting them churches.


  • #12

    Isobel Lee (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 00:43)

    Those tiled facades are so stunning! Great post!

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    Alice (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 01:28)

    I didn't know there were do many gorgeous churches in Porto! It must have been amazing visiting these places!

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    Kelly (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 01:30)

    I am so bummed that i didn’t get to porto! The churches are so beautiful and I love all the intricate tile work! A good excuse to go back!! Great picke!!

  • #15

    Sarah Shumate (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 01:51)

    These are beautiful! What a great list! I think the Capela das Almas is my favorite. Those blue and white tiles are fantastic!

  • #16

    Carrie (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 03:28)

    Gorgeous photos! I had no idea Porto had so many beautiful churches. The azulejos are such an interesting design element -- is Porto the only place they're so common?

  • #17

    Sara Essop (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 06:49)

    Wow, what beautiful architecture and history. I'm sure these churches have so many fascinating stories to tell!

  • #18

    LC (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 08:37)

    I love seeing churches around the world. The ones in Porto certainly are beauties!

  • #19

    Alaine (Sonntag, 04 März 2018)

    Wow! The churches look so beautiful

  • #20

    Benie (Sonntag, 04 März 2018 17:37)

    So long ago that I have been to this magical city. Your post made me nostalgic in a good way!

  • #21

    Gina (Montag, 05 März 2018 00:06)

    Wow, I had no idea Porto had such beautiful churches! Even more of a reason to visit!!